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How did you become the way you are? I don't know anyone like you. You radiate such calm. Something grounded. Steadfast. You dare to do so many things and can do almost anything. How do you do that?

"I often heard questions like this and I didn't have a clear answer to them for a long time. On the contrary.

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I am Martin

"The fundamental experience that I have had from childhood and up to this day is that it is worth going my own, self-determined - joyful and painful - path. What is crucial is to reflect carefully on my surroundings and myself. What is essential is to really stand behind my decisions and myself. From the beginning until today.

From the beginning of my real estate career as a CEO and partner, it was clear: I would not spend my entire life primarily building houses. A few millions earned, several large projects managed, 600 apartments developed and realized and a good 15 fulfilling years later, it was time for me to put my early knowledge into action instead of continuing to repeat myself successfully.

Meine jüngere Entwicklung erfahre ich als kontinuierlichen Weg von der Beherrschung zur Gelöstheit. Ich bedaure, dass ich letztendlich gut vierzig Jahre alt werden musste, bevor ich den Mut aufbrachte, um mich meinen verdrängten Erfahrungen, Ängsten und Wünschen zuzuwenden. But that's it. Weder Zeit, noch Alter, sind für mich Kategorien. Weit mehr überwiegen meine Erleichterung und Freude. Ich bin entspannter, wirksamer und ergiebiger denn je.

Von Anbeginn meiner Immobilienkarriere als Geschäftsführer und Gesellschafter war klar: Ich werde nicht mein Leben lang vorwiegend Häuser bauen. Wenige verdiente Millionen, etliche betreute Großprojekte, 600 entwickelte und realisierte Wohnungen und gut 15 erfüllende Jahre später, wurde es Zeit für mich, meine frühzeitige Erkenntnis in die Tat umzusetzen, anstelle mich weiter erfolgreich zu wiederholen.

More people. Fewer buildings.

I have already experienced many adventures. This now. It's the greatest adventure of my life so far."


Martin accompanies people on their way to a greater connection to nature, originality, and more harmony in life. He meets you authentically. Integer. Focused. Attentive. Empathic. Like you may have never experienced before. As a certified business coach, he has the necessary tools.


Martin has always drawn most of his inspiration and energy from unique experiences and equal encounters in the most authentic surroundings possible. Here he experiences the diversity and magnificence of our planet, as is increasingly rare in our urbanized, individualized, cultivated, digitalized and technological world. So far, he has explored the world on his own for well over 100,000 km by car, kayak and on foot. The more he discovers, the safer he is. There are so many things that he can't even imagine today.


Martin is passionate about developing and implementing real estate projects - in line with his current focus. With joy in effective and successful work. More concentrated and focused than ever. Currently a retreat village in the Black Forest for vacation stays, workations, retreats, events and offsites for families, nature lovers, companies and groups. A bunker near Berlin is in its deep sleep waiting to be kissed awake. 


The key to a fulfilling partnership is mutual acceptance and respect for everyone's needs and wishes, awareness of oneself and honest communication about them. Not an easy undertaking. Often enough, Martin took a different path than he had previously thought. Those who carve rules in stone and ignore change are often left behind instead of maintaining their position. 


For several years, Martin took on the independent role of family manager in a comprehensive exchange. He is convinced of the positive impact of balanced family roles. There are still a number of patterns of action that can be improved socially and within the family. For some it may sound like a maximum punishment, for Martin it is part of his personal recipe for success: “one month a year belongs to my family and me alone”. Valuable time to fully engage with each other.


Martin would also have liked to be a musician, writer, comedian, carpenter, midwife, shepherd or priest. Let's see what else life brings. “Anyone who would live their life exactly the same way retroactively has learned nothing.” He would be reluctant to give up any experience, even the difficult ones. Now he follows his own needs more consistently than ever: focus on the essentials and enriching encounters.

"I only do things that I can regret."

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"I've learned to trust myself completely out here. Everything is so clear here. You face a challenge. You do your best. And then you're further. Or wiser. Or both. You get it back one-on-one. With practice, experience and willingness to take risks, a lot can be managed. And from many small challenges, from successes, but also - sometimes in the truest sense of the word - failures, self-confidence grows. The courage to just do it, to allow mistakes. And then you realize: the terrible thing There is no end at all. Because it goes on and on; a series of aha moments. And you take this story, your own success story, the sharpened senses with you into your everyday life. And the courage becomes routine; the desire to take risks, to Doing becomes your being, your life. And that's exactly what gets you further. I think it's wonderful."

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